A Message from Jeff

Everybody is relevant.  No matter who you are and
where you come from, you are relevant. You are here at
this time on earth for an important reason.
Everyone is lovable.  Everybody matters.
Everyone has an important life purpose, a reason for being.

Find your passion and the truth that lies in your heart.  

Love Honor and Value You

You can do this at any age. I finally did at 40 and began living my truth, expressing my
passion through my love of photography.

If we all find our passion inside of us we can then begin to live a life we love and enjoy
with a significant purpose. We are all unique and we all have talents and gifts. The key is
to recognize our unique gifts and have the faith that we have the ability to manifest our
highest vision for ourselves.

Right before my 40th birthday, I quit my job of 18 years and left a life I didn’t enjoy to
create a life that I could call my own. I began to pursue my love for photography and
within a very short period of time, I manifested a new career and found my niche. As a
photographer, I learned a great deal about capturing the essence of the soul, which led me
through another doorway beyond taking pictures. It was then that I began to study
metaphysics and published my first book, Journey of the Awakened Heart.

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