One on One Sessions with Archangel Michael

Many of us now are in need of individual communication and healing concerning the
shifts taking place in our world and within us as well. This is a one on one sessions with
Archangel Michael for those seeking in depth guidance and support for their personal
growth. These sessions give you tools to release old habits and patterns to live a self-
empowered life at a higher level of consciousness. They help you remember who you are,
your innate gifts and realize your purpose in this lifetime to live your soul’s divine plan.
You can then move forward in your life with greater clarity, purpose, ease and joy.

A session with Michael is personal and private and can be done in person and by phone
as well. It is one hour in length and you will receive an audio recording of each session.
The cost is $150 per session.

These sessions can be transformational and a wonderful way to support you in your
process. Purchase a session with Archangel Michael:

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