Purpose of Michael’s Teachings

The bodies of teachings and the messages, lessons and exercises that Michael brings us
largely pertain to the personal process. It is a transformational process that moves us from
the conceptual mind into our heart. It raises our level of resonance and vibration as we
move within, thus we ascend within. The process allows us to individually define our
mission and purpose. And once we do this we can take from the teachings whatever we
need, to bring ourselves and our endeavors to the world. These teachings prepares us for
We Consciousness. They as well, prepare us to open our heart to move out into the world
in our powerfulness and greatness by loving, honoring and valuing who we are. It is a
preparatory process, and gives us tools to use so we can choose We Consciousness. It is
up to us, in the process, to move within and find our passion, purpose and mission. Then
take that out into the world.

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